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You’re full of hustle and heart as your chase your vision of growing your biz and changing the world!

But, for some reason, your reach isn’t as far as it could be. Things aren’t happening quite as fast as they should.

But why not?  I mean…

You’ve listened to all of the marketing experts. You’ve created the sales pages and the funnels. You’re blogging and vlogging and popping up allllll over social media.

But, as you sit back and wait for the mass stampede of adoring fans … crickets.  Like, seriously, is this mic on??

The good news: It’s not you. It’s us. Seriously.

The thing is: The online world is a big, noisy place.  And, the average consumer, nowadays, has only an 8 second attention span! (That’s less than a goldfish, by the way!)

You see, we’re soooo accustomed to data being thrown at us, that we’ve gotten really good at filtering things out … especially when we think we are being advertised or sold to.

That’s why storytelling is such a powerful and effective form of marketing.

Stories are authentic and they go straight to the heart.  And, we just so happen to make buying decisions emotionally.

I put my 20 years of sales, marketing, and copywriting experience to work to help soul-centered entrepreneurs (just like you) tell their stories that need to be heard in the world!

When you do, it allows you to create deep, authentic, connection and build a thriving community of adoring fans.

You don’t have to do it alone.  Ready to make some changes to get seen, be heard, and expand your reach??

Click here to explore the different ways we can work together.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

All my Love,


Dawn Gluskin






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