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I always knew that I wanted to be a writer when I ‘grew up.’  That’s why I majored in business, found myself immersed in a career of sales & marketing, and then started my own technology company at age 30. (Duh!)

Like so many others, I found myself following the safe path where I knew I could make money and look like a “success” from the outside looking in.

It’s only after having to close my 7 year old tech company, (which had grown insanely quickly, from $0 to $3 million in the first 3 years), that I was able to do some serious soul-searching. (More on that, here)

Now, I’ve come back full circle to what 10 year old Dawn always knew she would do: write & tell stories!

Being aligned with my passion and purpose, I get to combine everything I’ve learned about marketing and growing a business with the power of word wizardry and storytelling to help other soul-centered entrepreneurs get their messages heard in the world. (Am I lucky, or what??) :) In other words, my impact is helping others make a bigger impact.

I create fun, artful, story-centered copy, that makes people feel, connect, and most importantly in business: convert! (As in passive readers into raving fans and adoring clients!!)

I walk my talk by OWNing my own story (even the parts that are less than shiny and fabulous) and help my clients  do the same.

When we share little vulnerable pieces of our story and find a way to connect them to our brand and mission, something very magical happens.  As in: we connect more deeply, begin to build thriving communities, and we grow our reach and our revenues.

They’re not going to forget you.

Stories go straight to the heart and make that unforgettable emotional connection. That’s how you’re going to stand out in the crowd in this fast-paced digital world.  And, the good news: you get to be yourself! :)

If writing is not your favorite thing in the world, but you’ve got a story to be heard… you’re in the right place.

If you don’t even know what your story is, but you are being called to lead… you’re in the right place.

If you already “get” the power of storytelling and content strategy, but simply don’t have the time to invest in it, like you should … you’re in the right place.

I got you girl! (And cool boy, too!)

Ready to get started? Click here to explore the different ways we can work together.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.


Dawn Gluskin

Hi! I’m Dawn Gluskin, the chief storyteller, truth-digger, and content strategist at Blissed Communications. I’ve spent the past 20 years honing my storytelling skills as a top sales & marketing rep and the founder of a 7-figure technology company.

The Universe has since guided me to following my bliss and now I get to do what my 10-year-old-self always wanted: writing and storytelling! I love coaching entrepreneurs on owning and sharing their stories that need to be heard in the world.

I’ve been regularly featured on Huffington Post as well as in Elephant Journal, TinyBuddha, Savor Magazine, and the Chopra family’s site.  As a copywriter and ghostwriter, I’ve worked with big corporate clients such as Chase, Inc, and, but my absolute favorite to work with are small soulful businesses (aka, the change makers in the world)!!

When not cooking up some delicious word stew, you can find me on my yoga mat with my heart wide open, soaking up sunshine and salty air on a gorgeous Florida beach, devouring yet another luscious book, throwing wild solo dance parties in my living room, and/or loving up on my family (especially my two beautiful daughters – squee).

I hope I get to know your story soon!! xx


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