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Copy that Converts for Soulful Entrerpreneurs

Dawn Gluskin always knew that she would be a writer when she ‘grew up.’  That’s why she majored in business, found herself immersed in a career of sales & marketing, and then started her own technology company at age 30. (Duh!) Like so many others, she found herself following the safe path where she knew she could make money and where she would look like a “success” from the outside looking in.

It’s only after having to close her tech company after growing it at an unbelievable rate ($0 to $3 million in 3 years, with no prior entrepreneurial experience) and losing it all (the faster you grow, the harder you can fall) that she has come back full circle to what 10 year old Dawn always knew she would do: write! Writing is her sacred art form, after all.

Now, she uses everything she learned in the business world, combined with her own purpose-driven and soul-inspired tendencies, with her first and true love of writing to help other soul-centered entrepreneurs step fully into their purpose. She creates fun, artful copy that makes people feel, connect, and most importantly in business: convert!

She walks her talk by OWNing her story (even the parts that are less than shiny and fabulous) and works with her clients to help them do the same.  By sharing little vulnerable pieces of your life’s story, and sharing the TRUE ‘why’ behind your ‘what’, and allowing that passion to come across in your copy — you are going to connect with people on levels you didn’t even know existed.  They are going to love you, and your brand, and your mission, and want to love and hug and support you.

But, you have to tell your authentic story first.  If writing is not your favorite thing in the world, but you’ve got a story to be heard: you’re in the right place.  If you don’t even know what your story is, but you are being called to lead: you’re in the right place.  (Dawn has a coaching and consulting background too and can work magic no matter where you are on your path — we’ll mine that story like the diamond it is, baby!).

Ready to get started? Come this way, sunshine, and let’s explore the package or consultation that is right for you.

Peace, Love, and Sunshine Stories.

HelloDawn Gluskin has been regularly featured on Huffington Post as well as in Elephant Journal, TinyBuddha, Savor Magazine, and the Chopra family’s site.  As a copywriter and ghostwriter, she’s worked with big corporate clients such as Chase, Inc, and, but her absolute favorite to work with are small businesses!! Embodying the entrepreneur spirit herself, she “gets” it and is a champion for seeing soul-centered and purpose driven entrepreneurs live their purpose and make an impact in the world. When she is not cooking up some delicious word stew for her amazing clients, she can be found on her yoga mat with her heart wide open, soaking up sunshine & salt air at the beach, devouring yet another luscious book, or throwing wild dance parties in her living room.

What Past Clients are Saying…

  • Lynn Ross

    Lynn Ross

    “Before working with Dawn, I didn’t truly believe my business ideas were very practical and had been trying to ignore the part about potential customers and income generation. Then somehow, as I started answering Dawn’s questions, I discovered exactly who my customers are, how to serve them, and ways to make money doing it. I am so excited now! For the first time, this feels doable. It feels like these crazy ideas deserve to see the light of day.”

  • Uli DonohueUli Donohue

    “I have big dreams and felt inspired to put them on paper, but felt stuck with no background in business, which lead me to work with Dawn. Her program is full of great resources, tips, tricks & encouragement and structured very well. I felt inspired and was very happy with all the business advice received. I learned to think in a structured way & felt inspired me to finally take action. I also learned some somewhat unexpected things about myself. It was very encouraging to face up to fears and obstacles and think of ways around them. I had a blast taking the course. Thanks Dawn!! Keep up the great work!”

  • Rose Waterman

    Rose Waterman

    “I joined the course with the intention of gaining more courage to move forward on my ideas and dreams. I fully enjoyed it and it really taught me a lot. I am not one to meditate or hold still for a second, but the metaphysical assignment helped me. I started laying in bed with a clear head focusing on important things in my life that I am really thankful for. Thanks for having me as part of the course!”

  • Sarah Mulvihill Burgess

    Sarah Mulvihill Burgess

    “Before starting Dawn’s course, I would approach many goals thinking they would just somehow magically happen because they’re important to me. I’ve since learned to deepen my intentions and connect my work with helping others – this really nudges me forward. I’ve strengthened my commitment to meditation and started scheduling it. When I do – I’m more calm, clear-headed, and feel lighter. I notice a change in my relationships with my children especially when I am more present, which is a very important goal. I also learned a cool bracelet trick to track my negative thoughts and adopted a new abundance mindset. I’ve really enjoyed the course! I’m taking this class in part to help hold myself accountable for all I want to do, and it is helping a lot! Thank you Dawn!”

  • Steve Foster, NASA

    “Dawn is a world class individual with a commitment to be the best in everything she does. She has garnered the respect and admiration of many because of her moral integrity and ethos as a role model in developing great business relationships. She is one of those types of individuals that inspires and fuels companies to transform themselves from the “good to great” category. She has a magnetic personality of pure enthusiasm and zeal for life.”

  • Amanda Cushman

    “Like many young professionals, I was struggling to find meaning and satisfaction in my job. Although I had some sense of the direction I wanted to move it, I felt paralyzed with indecision and fear. My sessions with Dawn were invaluable and really helped me gain better sense of myself. Dawn’s highly effective coaching strategies were not only unique but also fun and easy to implement. I also truly appreciated the fact that I was assigned “homework” between sessions; these tasks kept me accountable throughout the process and ensured that each of our scheduled sessions was productive and meaningful. Dawn is incredibly intuitive and picked up on some of my more subtle thoughts and emotions. She was always supportive and respectful but challenged me to dig deeper and listen to that quiet voice that lives inside each and every one of us. I highly recommend her!”

  • Aliona Groh
    Marketing Analyst. Melbourne, FL

    “Dawn is such an inspiration! She always amazes me with her consistently positive energy and upbeat personality. She is a go-getter and has a great story to share. We invited Dawn to speak to our women volunteers for Habitat for Humanity Women Build and she did an awesome job: Dawn was well prepared, she was funny, she was relaxed, just a natural at speaking and inspiring. Great job, Dawn, keep it going!”

  • Michele Santo

    “Dawn came into my life at the perfect time. I was in between jobs, just moved, and needed help growing my business. When I felt overwhelmed, Dawn reminded me that I had the passion to succeed. I needed to set realistic goals. Within 3 sessions, I realized a niche and got a remote gig so I could work my online business at home. I’m so grateful I had someone to truly listen. She helped me realize how far I’ve come in 3 months and to keep on truckin.”

  • Ellen Rohr
    Owner, Bare Bones Biz, Inc.

    “While only 3% of women-owned businesses ever get to $1million in sales, Dawn led SolTec to $1million plus by the middle of year two. Profitably and with solid cash flow. I am a numbers-gal. That kind of nobody-told-me-it-was-going-to-be-difficult enthusiasm for life and business is what makes Dawn extraordinary. You are well served to work with Dawn in any capacity. Success is contagious. She and her team are a joy.”

  • Marla Tabaka
    Life & Business Coach, Speaker

    “Dawn is one of the most resourceful, caring business persons I have ever had the privilege of working with. She is able to balance quality product delivery, customer satisfaction, employee development and the needs of a rapidly growing business with ease and integrity. Dawn is very accessible to her company’s customers and, in spite of being at the helm of a growing business, stays involved and active in the quality control process within her company. She’s a hands-on business owner, relationship builder, and a great mom too.”


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