7 Tips to Gaining Insights that will Quiet Ego and Allow your Bright Light to Shine!

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Let your bright light shine!

Let your bright light shine!

Our false mind, or ego, leads to destructive actions and thoughts. In order to experience pure joy in our lives, we need to learn to overcome ego and live from our true selves. Easier said than done, but there is hope!

To put this into perspective, let me share a little story with you. First, when it comes to many things “pop culture,” I’m sort of clueless. Most of the music I listen to never comes anywhere near a Top 40 chart (at least not in any recent decades). I love a lot of underground dance music as well as some old funk, reggae, jazz, and classics like the Beatles. I am not what you would call up to date with the latest hits by any stretch of the imagination.

But, every once in a while, out of morbid curiosity, I’ll find myself with the urge to turn on the radio when I’m driving just to see what the “kids” are listening to these days.

Last month, I was heading home after picking up a few items for a fun dinner party I was hosting that evening & was in a really awesome mood looking forward to friends, festivities, and playing hostess! I had the top down and was enjoying the wind blowing through my hair. This was one of those days that I turned on the radio and started flipping through the stations. I stopped at a song with a pretty cool beat – sort of an old skating rink vibe to it. I was digging it. I started dancing, like I always do in the car when I don’t have a care in the world. I think many of us can relate to getting lost in music, a familiar place where we joyfully get sucked into the moment as time stands still and everything just fades into the background.

And then …. the chorus kicked in. The next thing you know the sounds of Justin Bieber himself filled the space around me, “Baby, baby, baby, ohhhh. Oh baby, baby, noooo.” Whoa, did I just catch Bieber fever? How did that happen?! My taste in music was way cooler than that, right?! At that very instant, all dancing and good times came to a halt. I quickly grabbed the volume knob and turned it way down while simultaneously slouching down in my driver’s seat and doing a look-see at the red light to see if anybody had witnessed this showing. I felt like a total dork!

But, then it hit me. All of these thoughts, every single one of them, were coming from my ego mind and not my authentic self. I consider myself to be a fairly awakened being most of the time, but obviously not in that moment. Here I was caught up inside my own false mind. I had just gone from a place of pure spirit to a place of pure ego within split seconds. I went from free, joyful, and lost in a beautiful moment to feeling uncool and embarrassed and unaware of my own ego taking over. Ego is no stranger to bringing the good times to an end. Ego is that little voice in your head that occasionally has an important message, but more often than not, is a little self-sabotoger that brings up all these crazy emotions, doubts and fears that serve us no purpose except to hold us back from experiencing joy.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to rock out to Justin Bieber to experience pure bliss. 😉 But, I am saying that we all have these little “Bieber moments” sprinkled throughout our days and our lives and they are not serving us at all! This was a playful example that I shared, but there is far worse havoc an ego can wreak. Do you have judgmental moments when you feel inferior or superior

Ego Mind at Work

Ego Mind at Work

to others? Does an internal struggle ever fight you from making changes to get out of your comfort zone and into your happy zone? Do you ever feel if you just had a little more money or were just a little bit prettier/skinnier, or fill-in-the-blank that you would finally be really happy? This is all the ego mind at work … and it is never satisfied! The ego is a false mind that attaches to characteristics that have nothing to do with our true identity or core being. The ego is a perception of what others think and is attached to who we think we’re supposed to be. It’s made up of beliefs that we have unconsciously picked up & internalized throughout our lives. It brings up waves of negative emotions that don’t serve us or let our inner light shine. None of those perceptions are truth!

We all desire happiness, bliss, joy, and peace. So, why are so many stuck in ruts? Ego! It’s the root of all suffering. Lose the ego, experience pure joy. It is that simple. It is also that incredibly difficult. How do you reverse these ways of thinking and attachments that have developed over an entire lifetime? By very design our brain is out to sabotage us, under the false pretense that our best interest is at heart. How can we get out of this false state of mind and more in line with our true selves?? Well, it won’t happen overnight! But, the good news is – there is hope! Just like anything else, by practicing over time, you become better at it. The same is true of awareness and being awakened.

Here are 7 tips that you can practice daily to help you gain insights needed to get out of your false ego mind and into your authentic self (heart and soul) to tap into your purest joy.

1. Know what you are up against! By understanding the inner-workings of the ego mind, you are giving yourself fuel to ignore it. The ego is very self-centered and motivated by things like: power, control, position. It provides a sense of false-pride. It’s forever judging. It believes its right and everything else is wrong and will try it’s best to convince you so. A great way to view ego is to use Wayne Dyer’s brilliant acronym, “Earth Guide Only.” Let the ego guide you at the appropriate times, but never let it dominate you. Ego does serve some purpose as it is only through illusion that you will ever know reality.  It is so important to realize that the ego is not really you, though. Instead, it’s a garment cleverly disguised as you, but is really just a curtain drowning out your beautiful inner-light.

2. Take on the role of observer when you feel ego-based thoughts coming on. Yes, an observer to your own mind! This might sound a little crazy, but there is a reason it is referred to as “false mind’ so don’t feel strange observing it as a second entity! Notice when destructive or negative thoughts come in as if you were watching a movie. Notice how your perspective changes in observer mode? By reducing your personal attachment to these thoughts, you are able to see more clearly how ridiculous they usually are!

3. Meditation, meditation, meditation. I can never say enough good things about meditation. No doctor is probably ever going to prescribe this to you because there is no money to be made in it. However, it is the single best thing you can do for yourself every single day. And, it’s free!!! More importantly, it will set you free! Meditation will help you get out of your mind and into your heart and soul where the real goodies reside. It will also help you to build a keen sense of self-awareness so that you can quickly identify when that pesky ego is trying to take over again.

4. Let GO. A good ego-busting exercise is to drop the “E” in ego and just let go. The

I am

Just be!

moment you stop trying to control everything and worrying about what other might think, or striving to be that person you think you’re supposed to be the stress will melt away & you’ll start to experience amazing freedoms and pure joy. We spend so much of our lives concerned with defining ourselves by the outside world that we miss out on the pure authentic self within. We also spend too much time living in the past or worrying about the future. The past is dead & the future may never come. All we ever have is this moment. So, just let go and learn to be in the moment. Whatever happens is meant to be. Acceptance is extremely liberating.

5. Put ego into perspective. Consider that the Earth is but a millionth of the size of the sun and just one of 10 trillion planetary systems in the infinite Universe. Wrap your brain around that for a second! We are all so miniscule in the vastness of the universe. So, what might seem really big and important in your head at any given moment might not really matter that much, after all. (Sorry to be the one to have to break this news!) Our egos would like us to think we are the center of the universe, but reality check – we’re not! So, unless your thoughts are serving you or others in a positive way – learn to put them in check, stat!

6. Practice viewing the world as a whole, instead of through a narrow self-view. Start seeing the oneness in everything around you. On a subatomic level, we are all made up of energy (as are rivers, trees, and even the bricks that make up our houses) and we are exchanging energy with everything around us. On a social level, we are all going through the same emotions and life events, even if we experience them a little differently. On a biological level, we are all made up of DNA and living in mortal bodies. Adopting some of these universal views will help you to get out of your own narrow mind and realize that we are all so much beyond whatever is going on in our head.

7. Act with love and compassion. “All you need is love” (the Beatles said it best) because once you love everything, you are attached to nothing. When observing ego-mind thoughts in observer mode, what do you notice? Do these thoughts represent your authentic self? Are they rooted in love and compassion OR in a quest for pride, power, or attachment to some identity that you strive to be? Let this be your compass. When the thought is rooted in peace, love, and compassion that is a good indicator that your true authentic self is at work.

All you need is love!

When rooted in negative emotions such as jealousy or with a sense of attachment to ideas of what you think you’re supposed to be, give yourself permission to ignore them. The more you practice, the more awakened you will become to these thoughts and the less attached you will feel to them. You will easily be able to distinguish between ego-based thinking vs your authentic self shining through. Over time, you will learn to keep these thoughts at bay and from affecting your daily life in a negative way.

Practice these and you will be well on your way to gaining insights that will help you get outside of the destructive thoughts and actions triggered by your own false ego mind and learn more about the authentic person at the core of your being, at a soul level. Notice when you are having your own “Bieber” moments and then figure out how to quickly get past them. No need to hide behind that false mind. Let your best self shine through! It feels amazing. :)

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this subject. Thanks SO much for reading!!

With Love,

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