New Vlog: How to Deal with a Negative Person in Your Life!

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How to Deal with Negativity
How to Deal with Negativity

I am the type that likes to look on the bright side & recently shared some tips with Huffington Post readers on how to release themselves from negative thinking patterns.  One reader emailed in sharing their own enthusiasm for positive outlooks, but asked for help dealing with a family member who takes a different approach at viewing life, which has caused friction in their relationship.

Check out my new video blog for my take on how to best handle the situation.  Might you have any advice for our reader?  We’d love to hear it

Check out the video for my take! What about you?  How do you handle negativity in your life? We’d love to hear your perspective in the comments section below!!

I LOVE hearing from all of you! You send in so many wonderful questions & comments. I thought it would be fun to address some of them via this new video blog series, “Ask Dawn.” Send your questions to this email (Ask Dawn) and you could be featured on an upcoming episode. :)

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