Lessons from the Yoga Mat: Don’t Feed the Ego!

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Recently, while enjoying some of cherished self-care Yoga time, our teacher had us wrapped up in a binded seated twist. As she walked around the room, she took pause & pointed out that another woman & myself had what she called “Yoga dontfeedtheegoJournal muscles” on our backs. I had never heard such a phrasing before, but I know my ego liked it. It was like, “oh yeah baby!” Ego likes to feel special, to be praised. But, being that I was on my yoga mat, my grounded, happy place where my mind, body & soul connect in the moment: I didn’t get too caught up inside those words. The other women in class & I exchanged cheerful smiles & carried on with our vinyasa flow. I giggled to myself as I knew in the back of my mind I’d most likely check the pose in a mirror later so I could see what the heck a Yoga Journal muscle actually looked like. I also realized, in that moment, that all I’ve learned about ego & self had not been lost.

You see, ego FEEDS on being special & receiving acknowledgment. If you let it feed a little, it wants a LOT … like a shark that has gotten a little taste of blood. As a matter of fact, ego is insatiable. It can never be special enough, cool enough, praised enough. But, that is no way to live: Constantly chasing, only to receive, feel temporarily satisfied & then want more. True love & acceptance comes from within, from a place of love. It knows no boundaries & makes no judgements.

Go ahead, take the compliment. Smile, enjoy it. But, then let it go. Let it roll right off & carry about your day. Perhaps pay it forward & pass along to another & allow a little smile to cross their lips. But, don’t allow ego to grasp ahold & take over your beautiful peaceful thoughts. That ego is a tricky one. Just when you think you’ve it outsmarted, it tries to sneak back in. It likes to disguise itself as love: I love myself because I am special, brilliant, gorgeous. But, those thoughts can just as quickly turn to fear: I am not as brilliant or gorgeous as some, or what if it fades?? When ego speaks, intuition cannot. It becomes a drowned out whisper dying to be heard. Remember that!

To outsmart ego, simply become aware of it, observe it, maybe even laugh at it. But, then simply let it go. You are not your thoughts. Your appearance. How much praise or how many likes you receive. Oh no. You are SO much more than that. Know this, beautiful, & you’re well on your way!

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  • rani May 2, 2014, 10:22 am

    How true your words are I am so inspired. Keep up the good work.

  • Joyce Hanson May 7, 2014, 10:29 am

    I enjoyed your tips on ego. This is a new concept for me. Ego isn’t a bad thing. It’s apart of being human. Ex: enjoying exercise and feeling in shape and sexy feels good. The body is beautiful. It’s okay to feel good about oneself. Like wearing makeup, nails done, hair colored. Feeling sexy and pretty isn’t a bad thing? It’s the constant focus on self that crosses the unhealthy line? When your husband says you’re beautiful, enjoy the compliment or any compliment? Like you sad give someone else a sincere compliment and share that good feeling of putting a smile on another’s face. Am I getting your point ?


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