10 Secrets to Growing a Successful and Soulful Business

by Dawn Gluskin

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Dawn GluskinHi, I’m Dawn Gluskin, an unconventional 7-figure CEO and green-juice sippin’ yogini.  I started a business in my living room 5 years ago (when my first-born daughter was only 6 months old) and grew it into a multi-million dollar revenue generating company within the first 2 years!  But, don’t get me wrong.  It hasn’t been all roses and sunshine. My business world has had its share of ups and downs along the way, as most entrepreneurial ventures do.  But, I am SO grateful for everything as these highs and lows have allowed me amazing opportunities for growth.  They’ve also lead me to a deeper spiritual path, where I’ve learned about balance, self-care, giving back, and tapping into powers way beyond the physical plane. Now, I teach the delicate dance to others between striving and being at peace.  Yes, you can have your zen and kick booty in business too.  I’m here to show you how. :) Welcome to the Type-A Zen movement!

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About Dawn

Dawn Gluskin is a self-made entrepreneur turned author and coach who works with women to help them connect deeply with their intuition and make a huge impact in the world.  Her signature style of practical business and life advice mixed in with soulful guidance in a mind-body-spirit approach to co-creating an extraordinary life and has helped many tap tap into their own innate wisdom and achieve big dreams.

Dawn has walked the path herself and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work as she walks her talk each day.  She started a small tech firm in her living room and grew it from zero to multimillion in less than two years.  She did this at just 30 years old, when her first daughter was only 6 months, and in the highly male-dominated and decidedly un-sexy sector of semiconductors, proving that anything is possible!  Her positive energy is highly contagious!  The deep passion she puts into all of her work is easily found by connecting with her clients and helping them find the solutions they’re after.  She enjoys the flexibility that comes with being her own boss, which keeps her free-spirit happy, as well as the joy found in being a strong female role-model for her young daughters and other women in the world.

In the midst of her entrepreneurship adventures, Dawn has been guided to her deep, true passion of writing, speaking, and coaching and mentoring others, inspiring them to connect with their own true life purpose and find passion in their everyday routines.  She regularly blogs from her heart about soulful living, emotional wellness, personal growth, and other spiritual topics as well as giving regular dollops of practical business advice – inspiring others to be their own creators in an extraordinary life they love!  Her blogs are regularly featured on HuffPost Living’s GPS for the Soul, Elephant Journal, and the Chopra Family’s Intent.com sites.

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