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What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is one of those buzz words you will hear tossed around quite a bit, often under the premise that if you can wish it, you can make it happen.  And, while visualization is a powerful tool (I use it all the time!), there is actually quite a bit more to it than that.  But, if you use my principles and guidelines, you will get through just visualizing and into action so you can start bringing your deepest desires to life!  Manifesting is simply this: Playing a starring role in creating the life of your dreams.  It’s not magic. It takes work.  But, you have the power!  It’s up to you to unleash it.  I’ll show you how.

What do I know about Manifesting?

After hearing so many wonderful people in my life (coaches, family, friends, co-workers) say things to me like, “you’re so lucky – you just say you’re going to do something and then it magically happens” or “opportunities just seem to fall out of the sky and onto your lap” – I scratched my head, and then decided to really take a look at what was going on.  I had never really thought about it before. I was just living my life and doing what I love to do.  However, upon analyzing my own experiences, I realized that there is some method to the “magic”.  And, now I want to share the formula with you!

A few recent examples of manifesting in my own life:

  • On the eve of my 30th birthday, I wrote a manifesto bidding my 20’s farewell.  I declared that I would be taking off my party-girl hat and settling down.  Two months later, my daughter was conceived and my world changed forever, learning through motherhood the true meaning of love, patience, responsibility, and being the best I can be!
  • Six months after my first daughter was born, I stated that I wanted to be my own boss with a flexible schedule that allowed me to spend time with my family on my terms.  I also wanted to show my daughter, through action, that she can be anything she wants to be!  I started a small technology business in my living room and eventually grew it into a multimillion dollar revenue generating company that has received national media exposure.  I now have a second daughter and am still living the dream of having the freedom and security gained through running my business.
  • On New Years Day, 2012, I finally listed to my hearts lifelong desire to write and be a writer and started my blog, which slowly started to gain readership.  I announced that I wanted to gain a broader readership and then 8 months later was being published on Huffington Post and then soon  And, now (about a year and a half later), I am working on my first book and have  gained an opportunity to present my book proposal to Hay House, which is literally a dream come true! (And, even if the Hay House gig doesn’t come through, the experience will force me to write a bad-ass proposal, which I can shop to other agents and/or self-publish)

And, when I go back even further into history, there were even more examples:

  • In my early 20’s,  in pursuit of my passion for electronic dance music, I became a DJ and quickly started getting bookings all over Florida and then out of state.  With my husband, we opened an online record store (my very first entrepreneurial experience) and started promoting our own parties.  I even started writing for a music mag out of Atlanta called JIVE Magazine, which got us backstage at some of the best parties and rubbing elbows with some of the top DJs of the time.  Those days were a blast to say the least!  Little did I know, I was actually manifesting – even way back then.

All of the above examples share on thing in common: Expressing a strong intention and desire, visualizing what it would be like for that to happen, and then making it happen!! The “make it happen” part is where many people lose their way.  So, I have scraped my brain to give you my best advice and top secrets on how to live your vision and bring it to life.

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Dawn Gluskin is a self-made entrepreneur turned author and coach who works with women to help them connect deeply with their intuition and make a huge impact in the world.  Her signature style of practical business and life advice mixed in with soulful guidance in a mind-body-spirit approach to co-creating an extraordinary life has helped many other women achieve big dreams.