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"Before attending Dawn’s “Power of Storytelling” workshop, I honestly never felt like I wanted to share my personal story with anyone. I just didn’t see how my past related to my current health and wellness business or why anybody needed to know my struggle. My message was basically, “Just take this product. It will make you feel better.”
But, inside of the workshop, I gained so much clarity on my story and finally understood why I needed to share it to really connect with and inspire others. And, when I shared it for the very first time with my small breakout group, something heavy lifted from me.

In my past, I was in so much pain that I turned to substance abuse, which almost lead to death. I am so very grateful to have overcome those difficult times in my life. Since then, I’ve spent many years becoming educated on natural remedies to relieve my pain in lieu of of the self -destructive ways of past. And, hence, my wellness company was born. And, yes, people need to know this & why I’m so incredibly passionate about natural health remedies -- they save lives, including mine! 
I felt so inspired after my vulnerable share that I even went home and created a brand new program in my business. 
Thank you, Dawn, for showing me that everybody has a story that needs to be heard -- what important work this is to be done in the world! I know that I personally went from embarrassed to empowered, and that is a very powerful transformation to occur both in business and life."

Diane Chasick, LifeSmile Health

" When you are running an online business and you don't always get to be face to face with clients, the way you write your words is EVERYTHING. The way you tell your story is the difference between reaching your ideal audience or not. Dawn’s Power of Storytelling workshop was eye-opening in terms of how to get all the "Stuff" out of my head and on to paper to my audience. She broke it down into such a way that was manageable, fun and most of all not overwhelming!!! I left this workshop inspired, excited and feeling empowered to write."

Jessica Hetherington, Life Coach for Women Living with Passion & Purpose

“Dawn is first and foremost an absolute joy to work with. Her energy gets me excited to work on whatever project we are tackling—even when I previously had no desire to tackle it. She is truly a truth-digger, uncovering the stories that not only connect with my clients, but also that I can connect with as I tell them. I could go on forever about her many talents, but she's the word wizard, so I'll leave the writing to her.”

Laura Diaz, Founder of Kiss Me Creative, Branding for Outspoken Entrepreneurs

“Working with Dawn made it that much simpler to get my project off the ground. The consistent communication and feedback was invaluable to getting the job done quickly and effectively. Dawn ensured she understood my objectives and provided valuable input to improve on the project with her impeccable writing skills.”

Aniesa Aly, Joy Space for Moms

“Dawn impressed me before we even started doing business. From our initial Skype conversation, she delivered so much valuable information. She was really easy to talk to, and I liked that she understood matters from the entrepreneur's perspective. I hired her to draft a business plan and strategy as well as content for my website and her knowledge and grasp of story was quite impressive. Her report was completed and delivered no less than 24-hours before the provisional deadline that we set.
Dawn was also able to help me overcome some other issues that can stall the progress of a project in its fledgling stages. She is definitely one of those resources I will keep in my back pocket for use when I need a well-rounded expert. I will be utilizing her in other areas of my project; and, of course, she has my full recommendation to anyone who needs fast and accurate feasibility reporting and or business plan creation.”

Wilfredo Christie, The Biography Studio

“Dawn did a fantastic job of writing copy for a project that I am working on. She is very professional, prompt and creative. She really took the time to ask the right questions to have a better understanding of the goals for the project. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional writer”

Paul Marks, Multifamily Matters
Case Study
Squeeze Finance App
  • Make finance more ‘sexy’ and appealing to millennial demographic 
  • Make copy and messaging more fun and engaging
  • Consistent branding within all messaging
  • Combat negative stigma with financial organizations.
  • Tapped into Squeeze’s heart-felt mission and the deeper “why” behind their “what”:
  • Developed mission story to help young adults save money and better manage their finances.  
  • Developed mission story to positively affect change to the currently somber statistics of less than 62% of Americans having more than $1000 in a savings account.
  • Emphasised application slick features, ease of use, how there is nothing else like it on the market, and demonstrated savings of time and money
  • Gave their mascot, Squeezie, a fun personality and story:

He’s more than just a pretty face. He’s totally got your back.

The constant juggling of credit card spending, bills, comparing service providers for best prices, budgeting, and saving is difficult. The amount of time that goes into all of those tasks is daunting. And, time is our most valuable resource.

Enter Squeezie. He’s a 5-armed pentapus that can squeeze anything, fit through any space, and multitask seamlessly. Who doesn’t need five arms these days?


>>Consultation: Developed Brand & Message Strategy

>>Signature Story / Mission Message Website rewrite

>>Press kit creation

>>Press Release

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